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Greenly Launches Software To Revolutionize.

Raise™ is the first of its kind. Available in December 2016 via a mobile responsive website

Raise™ was born from a desire to teach children how to use technology to run their businesses in a safe and productive manner and simplify the buying process for those that want to support youth today. Users are fully protected via approval processes, ensuring that the youth members are not at risk while using the tool.

For more information or to sign up your 2017 projects (open December, 2016), visit

Kate J, MSC
Public Relations

Happy Harvest Day and Happy Halloween!

When Michigan farmer Russel Huizenga first got into the pumpkin game a decade ago, he started small, with a half-acre plot of traditional round, orange jack-o-lanterns. Today he grows 5 varieties of gourds, squash and pumpkins, and he's always looking for something new. As he walks through his half-harvested patch, Martin points out an orange pumpkin covered in green.