Why choose us

  1. We are innovators in youth agricultural programs.

    Having over 30 years of combined experience in enterprise technology and architecture, and having grown up as and among agriculturalists, we have a solid understanding of the challenges todays youth face in both of these fields.

  2. Creating new and interesting pathways to strengthen timeless values.

    The founders and employees of Greenly all come from a background that values hard work, accountability, and being responsible stewards of the resources around us. Every day we are exploring and discovering better ways to do traditional things.

  3. Giving you the tools to navigate these new pathways.

    We understand the pace of technology and the way new generations interact with the world around them is much different than it was even just 20 years ago. We believe that today's tech can help foster the next generation of leadership and service without forfeiting the underlying values that drive those characteristics.

We help youth in agriculture with modern technology.


Communications channels, social netoworks, instant chats, imagery, and the unprecidented access to information and computing power in the palm of today's youth has as much potential for distraction as it does for good. Greenly's tools work to leverage this new technology and innovate in a way that compliments what made youth agriculture a timeless and value driven.

Never losing sight


Put simply, we think "the old ways" are very cool. There is no subsitute for the character building and appreciation of the resources around us then to have to muck out a pen, or feed livestock at 5:00 AM at 20 below zero, breaking the ice on the water troughs, turning over the soil for next years planting, and caring for a sick animal. These foundations of discipline and leadership will translate to success in any future endeavor, and Greenly wants to combine that with the best in modern technology to give these hard workers the best chance possible.

work team

Eva Veletro


Areas of focus: Marketing, Social Channels, Customer Support, Farmer.

Thad S.


Areas of focus: Advanced Technology, Business Relationships, Infrastructure, Cloud Architecture, Farmer

Nate S.


Areas of focus: Business Development, Contracts, Customer Engagement, Farmer

Marcy S.


Areas of focus: Comptroller, Accounting, Tax, Controller, Laugh Factory